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Recreation Element


The Recreation Element addresses planning for parks, recreational land, and associated improvements. It provides a broad overview of existing conditions, community needs, issues and opportunities, and suggests a comprehensive approach for the development and management of public recreational resources. 

The 1996 Recreation Element established 7 goals with 10 objectives and 39 policies to provide for recreation opportunities throughout Glendale. In 2006, the Parks and Recreation Department's Strategic Planning Committee established new goals and maps that were added to the Recreation Element and the Downtown Specific Plan. As of today, the City has 286 acres of developed park land, and the Community Services & Parks Department manages 37 parks, the Civic Auditorium, 4 community centers, 6 sports facilities, and 4 historic buildings.


In 2016, the Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation undertook a countywide Parks Needs Assessment for LA County. The assessment looked at Glendale's Southside and Northside study areas, and Glendale's southside was identified as an area deficient of park space. The assessment also led to a parks funding ballot initiative - Measure A, which passed in 2016. Now cities like Glendale receive an annual appropriation of Measure A funds dedicated to park and open space needs. In 2022, the LA County Parks Needs Assessment was updated.


The City will now begin the process of updating the Recreation Element to address the community's needs for recreation spaces and activities over the coming 20+ years.

The Recreation Element will address the following topics:

  • Review and evaluation of existing documents and regulations relevant to Parks and Recreation

  • Review and updates to the Recreation Elements goals, policies, and programs

  • Performance of a Parks Needs Assessment and Inventory, which will include inventory and analysis of current conditions of all developed parks and recreation facilities, evaluations of opportunities to upgrade local recreation facilities, documentation of the City's tree inventory, an accessibility evaluation of parks and recreation facilities, evaluation of the inclusivity of the City's playgrounds, and an inventory of public and private memorials

  • A Recreation Program and Services assessment, which will include an assessment of the current recreation programs and services provided by the City, and evaluation of current and future recreational needs.

  • Preparation of a Community profile and Community Outreach Plan that ensures robust community engagement and incorporates community feedback into the decision-making process

  • Preparation of a park and open space expansion and acquisition study with policy recommendations

  • A financial evaluation of the implementation and management of existing and proposed open space and conservation projects and programs

  • Preparation of an implementation plan and other strategies to effectively implement existing and proposed projects and programs

  • Preparation and presentation of a Public Review Draft Recreation Element prior to adoption of an updated element

Recreation Element Timeline

  • Last comprehensively updated in 1996

  • Amendments made in 2006

  • Project Kick-Off:  Summer 2024


Information on the City's current Recreation Element can be found on the City of Glendale's General Plan website

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