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Open Space and Conservation Element

The Open Space and Conservation Element coordinates planning and management of natural resources and the improvements that complement them. It provides a broad overview of existing conditions, issues, and opportunities and a comprehensive approach to the management of the identified resources.

The 1993 Open Space and Conservation Element established 13 goals and 65 objectives related to preservation of open space in Glendale. In 2002, the Parks and Recreation Department established a Strategic Planning Committee, which analyzed the Open Space and Conservation Element and used community and staff input to create 9 strategic categories and map amendments to develop goals for the next 5 years. These updates were added to the element in 2005 and integrated into the Downtown Specific Plan in 2006. As of today, the City has over 5,000 acres of open space (mostly in mountainous areas), over 30 miles of fire roads, and 7.5 miles of single-track hiking trails.


Now, the City will update the Open Space and Conservation Element  to capture a common vision for an inclusive future for the City's parks and recreation system and open spaces, and to establish goas and priorities for Open Space and Conservation for the coming decadesState law requires an Open Space Element to contain detailed information about several categories of undeveloped land, including natural resources, managed production of resources, outdoor recreation, public health and safety, military support, and tribal resources.

The Open Space and Conservation Element update will include the following tasks:

  • ​Review and evaluation of existing documents and regulations relevant to Open Space and Conservation

  • Review and updates to the Open Space and Conservation Element's goals, policies, and programs

  • Performance of an Open Space and Conservation Assessment, which will include vegetation and wildlife surveys, targeted assessments for restoration opportunities, identification of opportunities for climate-smart management strategies, identification of trail and wildlife corridor opportunities, and identification of local and regional partners to support conservation efforts

  • Preparation of a Community Profile and Community Outreach Plan that ensures robust community engagement and incorporates community feedback into the decision-making process

  • Preparation of a park and open space expansion and acquisition study, with policy recommendations

  • Financial evaluation for the implementation and management of existing and proposed open space and conservation projects and programs

  • Preparation of an implementation plan and other strategies to effectively implement existing and proposed projects and programs

  • Preparation and presentation of a Public Review Draft Open Space and Conservation Element prior to adoption of an updated element


Open Space and Conservation Element Timeline

  • Last comprehensively updated in 1993

  • Amendments made in 2006

  • Project Kick-Off:  Summer 2024

Information on the City's current Open Space and Conservation Element can be found on the City of Glendale's General Plan website

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