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Safety Element

The Safety Element is a required Element in the General Plan. The goal of the Safety Element is to identify and reduce the potential short and long-term risk of death, injuries, property damage, and economic and social dislocation resulting from hazards present in Glendale. California state laws that have been recently passed require updated goals and policies to address climate change-related risks in Glendale, as well as updated information and best practices related to flooding and wildfires.

Climate Change
New policies and programs will be added to the Safety Element to address climate risks in Glendale. Communities in Glendale are already experiencing the impacts of climate change which are expected to continue and worsen over time. Some of these impacts are shown below.













Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment

The Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment describes how climate change may impact communities and physical and natural assets throughout the City of Glendale. The Safety Element will be updated to include climate risk considerations.

Wildfires pose a threat to urban-wildland areas in Glendale. The Safety Element update will include updated wildfire hazard maps and new policies and programs to help reduce the risk of property damage, loss of life, and loss of wildlife habitat.


Heavy rain events in Glendale can lead to slope failures, or landslides, especially after a wildfire event. Additional policies will be added to the Safety Element to bolster existing strategies to minimize impacts from potential landslides, which could increase in frequency and severity from climate change.


Glendale is at risk for occasional extreme rain events that may overwhelm the stormwater drainage system. While the Verdugo Wash acts as a stream that prevents major flooding in Glendale, the Safety Element offers flood-control measures to prevent possible damage. New strategies will be included that anticipate the increasing frequency of heavy rain events that could impact the stormwater system.


Emergency Capacity Analysis

To ensure the safety of all Glendale residents in the case of an emergency, the Safety Element update will include an evaluation of the transportation network’s capacity to handle various emergency evacuation scenarios. New policies and programs will be included to improve evacuation for impacted communities.


Other hazards are identified and addressed in the existing Safety Element. These include earthquakes, terrorism, dangerous animals and plants, and hazardous materials.


For more information, join our upcoming pop-up events to learn more about the Safety Element update.

Safety Element Timeline

  • Last comprehensively updated in 1998

  • Amendments made in 2003

  • Project Kick-Off: Winter 2023

  • Public outreach and background research: Spring and Summer 2024

  • Public draft: Late 2024/early 2025

  • Final draft for City Council Adoption: Anticipated 2025

Information regarding the City's current Safety Element can be found on the City of Glendale's General Plan website.  

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