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The State’s Housing & Community Development Department found the Housing Element to be in compliance  with the State Housing Element Law, as of February 27, 2023.

The 6th Cycle Housing Element was first adopted by City Council on February 1, 2022, and was amended based on comments received by the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD).  The Glendale City Council readopted the Housing Element on December 6, 2022 and minor modifications have been prepared in February 2023 to respond to HCD's final comments.



In mid-2020, the City of Glendale embarked on an important mission to modernize some of its key land use and mobility planning documents to help the City realize a vibrant and sustainable future. By addressing these topics in a coordinated way, the City is undertaking a strategic planning approach consistent with the City’s demonstrated commitment to innovation, sustainability, multi-modal mobility, and responsible growth management. This is a prime opportunity for Glendale to develop the supporting tools to guide local land use and mobility planning over the next 20 years.


As part of the City’s commitment to promoting a diverse range of transportation choices including walking, bicycling, transit, and automobile travel throughout the community, the City is also transforming the way it analyzes transportation/traffic impacts resulting from new development. This change directly implements State of California environmental review mandates (Senate Bill 743) at the local level, allowing Glendale to customize our approach to transportation planning and reflect local values and priorities while adhering to these new legislative requirements.

As part of the City of Glendale's Land Use and Mobility Update project, we will:

  1. Prepare a focused update to the Land Use, Circulation, and Housing Elements of the City's General Plan

  2. Address new state requirements regarding the way we analyze transportation impacts consistent with SB 743 

  3. Develop a Transportation Impact Mitigation Fee for incoming and future development projects

  4. Analyze potential impacts associated with implementation of the project and prepare a Program Environmental Impact Report 

This project provides an avenue for you to share your ideas about land use and mobility in Glendale. We need your help in order to make the project a success. What do you love about Glendale? What land use and mobility opportunities and challenges do you think face the City as it grows over the next 10, 15, or 20 years? Weighing-in on what matters most to you will help make sure that the community's vision is reflected in our new planning documents. We appreciate your input! 

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