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Transportation Analysis Guidelines

The City of Glendale has updated its Transportation Analysis Guidelines to require vehicle miles traveled (VMT) analysis as part of transportation analysis and environmental review for development projects in the city, consistent with the requirements of Senate Bill 743 (SB 743).

Biyclce Transportation Plan

Bicycle Transportation PlanThe City of Glendale embraces a vision for an active and healthy community, where bicycling can serve as the primary form of transportation for residents and visitors. Enhanced bicycle infrastructure coupled with supportive policies can create a significant cultural change and make cycling a way of life. This Plan aims to increase the safety and attractiveness of bicycling in Glendale and increase the number of trips made by bicycle.

Downtown Mobility Study

The Mobility Study gathers, under a single umbrella, the full range of best practices to reduce auto congestion and promote multi-modal transportation. Each of these - free bus shuttle, parking benefit districts, in-lieu fees, and transit-priority streets, among others - is tailored to the physical vision articulated by the Downtown Specific Plan.

Citywide Pedestrian Plan

The Citywide Pedestrian Plan is a long-term plan for Glendale with near-term steps for action. The Plan will establish a comprehensive, centralized, and coordinated approach to improving pedestrian infrastructure, safety, and demand in Glendale. It is funded through a $500,000 Caltrans Active Transportation Program (ATP) grant. The Glendale Citywide Pedestrian Plan will make Glendale a safer, more pleasant, and more convenient place for walking. View final versions of part I & II of the plan below.

Safe & Healthy Streets Plan

The Safe & Healthy Streets Plan design of our city, work sites, and streets influences how much physical activity we get and plays an important role in preventing many chronic conditions - such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and asthma. Glendale's Safe and Healthy Streets Plan has the potential to boost levels of physical activity and help reverse current obesity trends among residents.  It provides policies to make Glendale a safer and friendlier city for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Be Street Smart Glendale

Be Street Smart Glendale represents the Citywide Safety Education Initiative and Safe Routes to School Program that will consolidate existing City and community safety programs into a combined and coordinated effort that will reach out to all sectors of the Glendale population. This includes senior citizens, who are disproportionately affected by pedestrian accidents in the community.

Vision Zero Action Plan

The city recently launched its Vision Zero Action Plan, which outlines how the city can eliminate traffic fatalities and severe injuries while increasing safe, healthy and equitable options for getting around Glendale. The Vision Zero Action Plan will build upon the work of the Citywide Pedestrian Plan and Bicycle Transportation Plan update.The Vision Zero Action Plan will be data-driven and focused on engineering, enforcement, and education.  Stay tuned for opportunities to get involved and share your feedback.
























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