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Safe & Healthy Streets Plan


To create a healthier community and provide transportation options for those who cannot or do not drive.

Plan Purpose

The design of our city, work sites, and streets influences how much physical activity we get and plays an important role in preventing many chronic conditions - such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and asthma.  There is compelling research data that show that streets designed to facilitate walking and biking are safer and succeed in increasing the number of people who walk and bike.  Glendale's Safe and Healthy Streets Plan has the potential to boost levels of physical activity and help reverse current obesity trends among residents.  It provides policies to make Glendale a safer and friendlier city for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Safe & Healthy Streets Plan - Adopted April 19, 2011 (entire document)

Safe & Healthy Streets Plan By Chapter:

Title Page and Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Education
Chapter 3 - Encouragement
Chapter 4 - Enforcement

Chapter 5 - Engineering
Chapter 6 - Evaluation
Chapter 7 - Resources and Staffing
Chapter 8 - Funding Sources
Chapters 9 thru 11 - Action Plan, Research and Data, Policy Coordination, Credits

Safe & Healthy Streets Plan - Appendix

Glendale Bicyclist and Pedestrian Count Report 2009 - Final
Glendale Bicyclist and Pedestrian Survey 2010 Report Final
Glendale Bicyclist and Pedestrian Count Report 2010 - Final


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